Benefits of Travelling With a Companion

Travel with friends

Have you ever asked yourself what are the benefits of travelling with a buddy or a friend. There are some advantages and disadvantages as well. Let’s explore the benefits of travelling with a companion in this article.

What are benefits of travelling with a companion? It can make you feel more relaxed being with someone you already know. Your friend can help you in any situation especially if you are not feeling well.

I travelled with friends many times so I’ll try to give my opinion on this. Let’s get into it!

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It is so much fun

Having someone to laugh with is definitely a huge plus. It just put smile on your face in any situation. People won’t think you are crazy just laughing alone. There are so many fun things you could do with someone that It would turn any experience into more pleasure one.

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How to have fun by yourself ?

Well even though you are alone that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You might just join a tour where you can meet many new people all over the world. You will share many laughs and find yourself among other travellers.

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You can have deeper conversations

If you meet someone for the first time it is pretty hard to just have deep conversation. You can’t tell too much to someone you don’t know that well yet. But imagine being on a trip with someone you know for years. You can just put your heart out. Having deeper and more meaningful conversations is definitely important.

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You feel safer

Safety should be number one priority of every traveller. There is nothing more important than staying safe and return back home. Being alone makes you more vulnareble especially if you are a woman. It is even better if you are with someone that know how to protect oneself. You should always check official websites for any safety concern in a country where you’ll be travelling.

How to stay safe while being alone ?

There are some standart rules that you should follow when travelling alone. You should definitely stay in your hotel after dark. This is especially true in big cities. Use that to your advantage and wake up early. You will never see crowds early in the morning.

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You will feel more comfortable

Being with someone that you don’t know that well can put you in an uncomfortable situation. Yet being with your friend just makes everything more easy and simple. You can act like crazy and know that your friend doesn’t mind and probably will do crazy things with you.

Share the expenses

Sharing the expenses among more people is definitely a top priority. Imagine paying for everything yourself. Hotels are expensive and there are some attractions that will require at least two people. Having a car just for yourself is definitely not good idea. You can overpay a lot. Some National parks charge per vehicle so splitting the cost can go a long way.

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You are not alone

Do you know the feeling when you are alone? It just doesn’t feel good. You are kind of down and not fully enjoying your trip. You see other people in groups and it just makes you more sad.

Yet the benefits of travelling with a companion are enormous. Your mood goes up and you are definitely more happy and enjoying your trip.

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Get perfect photos without asking strangers

Have you ever found yourself in an akward situation by asking others to take pictures of you? Imagine that you would have to ask every few minutes. And sometimes people just don’t know how to use your camera so the photos can be pretty bad.

On the other hand being with your friend makes it so much easier. Sometimes they just take photos of you without you even noticing. You can just see the photos and ask for another if you don’t like what been taken.

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How to take pictures of yourself ?

You probably heard about selfie stick but the final photos just don’t look that good. What I have used is a tripod for phone that you can place anywhere in the distance. You can even mount it on the tree, banch or pretty much enywhere to get that incredible picture. Just follow this link to Amazon where you can buy it. You can also get so called snap button that will help you take pictures remotely.

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Motivation factor

Are you going that long trek high in the mountains? Well if you are alone you can easily give up and just return back, right? But what if your friend just pushes you as much as possible to go the extra mile. You will find motivation to be an important factor when travelling. Whenever you feel down you know there is someone esle to give you a hand.

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How to motivate yourself ?

Travel disadvantages

This might be hard for some people but self motivation is definitely impotant. You can just google some motivational quotes during your trip or download application that will keep you motivated during your stay. Even if you are trekking the highest point there is always a reason to continue and never give up.

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You can borrow money more easily

So many things that can go wrong while travelling. Pickpocketing is probably the number one problem in every major city. Sometimes you just lost your wallet and you need money to get by. Well luckily you have your companion to help you out. You don’t have to put yourself in a difficult situation by borrowing money from strangers. Also borrowing from bank could be really complicated depending where are you at the moment.

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How to get money by yourself ?

how to make money while traveling

Thanks to the internet and apps nowadays it is much easier to send money from anywhere in the world thru your smartphone. The very popular application is called Transferwise and the fees are close to zero. You can just tell your family or friends to send you money in any emergency.

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Having witness all the time

There are countries in the world with very high number of kidnappings. Having someone who is around and can call for help is very important. Being alone makes you a much easir target. There are so many bad things going on in the world that having a companion as a witness is definitely helpful.

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Having someone to sing with

Imagine doing a road trip alone. It would be boring for sure. The greatest moments I remember from my travel is singing along with friends to a pop music and smiling as much as possible.

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Conclusion of benefits of travelling with a companion

I made many trips with friends and I find them more interesting for me. But I want definitely explore solo travel more. So if you have any tips or tricks just write them down below.

I hope you found my tips helpful. You can also read my another interesting article about Disadvantages of Travelling. Yet there are so many advantages so subscribe and travel more.