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12 Secret Places To Visit In Lithuania in 2020

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When it comes to Lithuania, we all know that it‘s all about basketball, beautiful castles and our shining capital Vilnius. But if you are looking to step a little further and cross the typical tourism boundaries, we invite you to discover a different and even more charming with these 12 secret places to visit in Lithuania.

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Anyksciai Town

Lithuania town

True Lithuania

Unlike popular cities like Vilnius or Klaipeda, the town of Anyksciai can be strongly overlooked.
First mentioned back in 1440, Anyksciai is home to many famous Lithuanian writers like Antanas Baranauskas and Jonas Biliunas.
Its variety and number of attractions can catch anyone by surprise, but let‘s take a look at the key ones in a soulful town of Anyksciai.

Canopy Walkway – A first treetop walking path in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Stroll together with trees and marvel at the beautiful green scenery of Lithuania landscape.
Church of St. Matthias – Stumble upon the tallest church in Lithuania.
Puntukas – Originating from glacial erratic, its the second biggest boulder in the country with engraved portraits of two most famous pilots of Lithuania.
Narrow-Gauge Railway – Take a ride to one of the biggest lakes in the vicinity or visit the museum for an educative and interesting day.

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Juodkrante meaning „Black Shore“ is a quiet seaside resort town with the population of only around 700 people and it might just be your perfect getaway from the buzzing and busy seaside locations like Palanga or Nida.
Located on the magical Curonian Spit, it is a 98 km long UNESCO World Heritage Site shared by Russia and Lithuania is a place like no other.
Enjoy the serenity of Curonian Lagoon, golden sand dunes, a unique hill of witches with dozen of wooden sculptures or simply embrace the tranquility and relax.

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Cepkeliai Marsh

Now if you are looking for something even more unknown and unique and you are a true nature lover, then look no further than Cepkeliai Marsh. One of the most protected natural areas in Lithuania, that many of the locals don‘t know about or visit.
It is the largest swamp in the country, touched very little by human activity, residing in the territory of Dzukija National Park and north to the Kotra River.
Visiting a place is only possible with the employees of the national park, but the swamp islands and lakes visible from the watchtower and the 1,5 km wooden trail across the swamp will capture the heart of any nature lover. This is definitely one of the most secret places in Lithuania.

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Moletai Town

Moletai is one of the oldest settlements in Lithuania and you most likely won‘t encounter any tourists here. But it doesn‘t mean that it is not worth visiting the town of Moletai.
Step into the quiet town and simply enjoy the day with locals, be surrounded by beautiful Lithuanian lakes and make a case for a refreshing swim session.
Moletai also has some unique perks for its visitors such as Moletai Astronomical Observatory, the only one in Lithuania and hosts the Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology, the first of its kind in the world.

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Neris Regional Park

The mostly wooded area of all the Lithuania‘s parks with largest and oldest oak trees in the country and 11 nature reserves, Neris Regional Park is 10,000 hectares of pure nature and crisp refreshing air.
Located between Vilnius and Kernave, its a beautiful complex of nature with many streamy rivers flowing through green forests and connecting to the main and well-known river of Neris.

Neris Regional Park has 6 main trails as well as a handful of campsites and watch-towers where views of wonder will make you fall in love with Lithuania‘s landscape.

Water and ground sports, adventures and endless possibilities await at this preserved corner of nature. This is definitely one of the most secret places in Lithuania.

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Vilnil. Museum of illusions

Located in Vilnius this museum is definitely worth a visit. It is in a nice part of town and you can play around with tricks and mind games. You will be impressed to see some illusions. Expect to spend around 30 minutes. The staff is very helpful and eager to help.

Museum opened just few years ago and now presents around 70 exhibits including optical illusions, 3D art, virtual reality and many more. There is also a dance performance 4 times a week.

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The Dead Dunes

Do you know Death Valley in United States? Well, even in Lithuania you can find something similar. They call it The Dead Dunes. It’s a pleasant walk to the top with a wonderful view of the surrounding dunes and the lagoon.

The walking path is just 1,1km oneway. Start is easy and second part has wooden pavement. The last part is just sand, with lots of up and downs, not suitable for people with disabilities or strollers. It is only allowed to walk on marked path. Price is just 2€/adult.

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Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway

Do you know the popular funicilars in Portugal? Well, in Lithuania they have the same thing. Dating back to 1931 the oldest funicular has been climbing this steep hill. It is a short trip that cost only 1.50 EUR. Old athmosphere and friendly chauffer condacting the viehicle. It is a unique vehicle that lifts people to Aleksoto Hill, from where you can see the panorama of Kaunas city center and old town.

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Ancient Beekeeping Museum

A very unique museum located in a so called beekepers village of Musteika. It is in a lovely rural setting with a lot of outdoor space with interesting and informative displays. Small cozy wooden houses are full of interesting and unique expositions. There is also a store near the museum where you can buy honey. For centuries, beekeeping has been a traditional part of Lithuanian culture.   

The villagers in Musteika raise bees that are native to the region in a more natural way than most modern beekeepers. They hollow out pine trees—which are in plentiful supply within the forest—so the bees can construct their hives as they would normally. The bees are also able to roam and take advantage of all the nearby heather and black alder groves.

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Birute park

Described as the best park in the world by tourists who have visited. Birute park has a lot to offer. There are many paths to walk on, lakes with birds, during summer you can find some berries around and there is also a rose garden. There are also some lovely beaches that are not that crowded. It is definitely on a romantic side so don’t forget to bring your partner. The garden is free of charge.

 It’s quite large which offers the opportunity for some lovely strolls to see the fountains, ponds, gardens, and grotto. You will find here ponds, ducks, swans, clean walking areas, sea side, Amber Museum, Rosary and Birute hill. Possible to go by bicycles and on foot.

Museum of History of Lithuanian Medicine and Pharmacy

Visit this unique and quirky museum to see two fully stocked pharmacies, a kitchen and many prehistoric artefacts. You can take a tour usually by a experience chemist who speak different languages or be self directed and go at your own pace using the information available in every room in a number of languages. The museum is located in the city centre of old town. The entrance fee is only 2 EUROS per person.


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